New Technology Trends And Emerging Technologies In 2024

Technology is your change in this competitive market, companies focus or marketing better user friendly product for their consumers. to meet the demand of Technology driving consumer companies must Embrace digital transformation. in this blog, we will concentrate on a few cutting edge technology that are progressively fostering Corporation extension.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a distributed database that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. Blockchain stores information electronically in a digital format. It has a crucial role in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which is a secure and decentralised record of transactions with no single person or group having control.

It guarantees the fidelity and security of data without the intervention of a trusted third party. The main difference between a traditional database and blockchain is how the data is structured. A typical database stores data in a table. Whereas, a blockchain collects

Information in a group, known as a block, which holds the sets of information. Each block has a storage capacity. Data is filled into a block. A block is closed once it is full of data. Then this block is connected to the previously closed blocks. This way, a chain of blocks is created.

Each block is given an exact timestamp when it is added at the end of the chain. In blockchain, all the information can be recorded and distributed, but cannot be edited.

Blockchain Application

Today, there are many cryptocurrencies that work on blockchain. Blocks store information about Financial transactions. Many companies are already working on blockchain technology, such as, Walmart, Uniliver, Seimen, AIG, etc. Some of the applications of blockchain are:-

1.Banking And Finance:- Blockchain can be integrated with banking to facilitate customers to view their transactions within a few seconds

2.Currency:- Blockchain provides the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which is a secure and decentralised record of transactions with no single person or group having control

3.Healthcare:- Healthcare professionals use blockchain to store their patients’ medical details securely.

4.Voting:- Blockchain can be used in facilitating modern voting system. Using this technology, election fraud can be eliminated. It can bring more transparency in the electoral process.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is an experience that enhances the reality by adding different objects or layers to it. The purpose of augmented reality is to create 3D objects or layers that are computer enerated, which merge with the real-world environment.

The term ‘Augmented reality’ (AR) was first coined in 1990 It was first used in television and defense. With an increase in the processing power of computers and increased bandwidth, AR is significantly used in various mobile apps now. Some popular apps using AR are as follows:-

1- Pokemon Go

2- SketchAR

3- BBC’s Civilisations AR

4- Language Learning App, Mondly

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) is an experience where a user can experience a 3D environment and interact with the various objects that are part of the environment. In VR, a computer is used to enhance the visual, auditory, and sensory experience in simple words,

VR is a computer generated simulation While using virtual reality, a user is required to wear gadgets that can enhance the user experience. It blocks the real-world view and replaces it with a 3D view The VR gadgets not only help the users to view the 3D environment, but also enable them to feel the environment by providing appropriate sensory feedback every time a user interacts with an object.

For example, students can learn about the universe using VR, or users can not only play games but also experience them.Some popular apps using VR are as follows:-


2-Titans of Space

3-Google Earth VR

4-YouTube VR

5-Full-dive VR

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality (MR) is the combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Users can interact with real world as well as virtual world simultaneously.

They can visualise the surroundings using MR devices are costlier than VR devices. By putting MR headsets, you can throw a ball and walk through a wall, but in reality, everything is same.

Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality (XR) is the umbrella term for the immersive technologies, like augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. XR is a combination of human and computer generated environment, which is real as well as virtual.

By integrating XR into the training, a learner can be immersed into the multisensory environment that is more engaging, exciting, interactive and effective. Using XR, people can visit the places virtually, but they can also feel as if they are in the place in real life.

Challenges In Developing XR

There are some challenges in developing extended reality. They are as follows:-

1-Cost:- Cost is the major challenge in using extended reality. There are multiple technologies running simultaneously, which require a lot of hardware too. All of these elements drive up the price of developing extended reality technologies. If the cost is higher, it will be difficult for common masses to use XR.

2-Hardware:- Developing hardware for extended reality is another challenge. As XR involves
multiple technologies, software, and components, it is very difficult to make suitable hardware for the same. The hardware should be compact and process a lot of data quickly and efficiently. It should be cheaper too.

3-Privacy:- Privacy is a challenge for developing extended reality. XR creates an environment based on user requirement. This requires a lot of private data of users that has to be saved in company’s side. This incurs cost for the company and privacy issue for users.

Application Of Extended Reality

The following are the application areas where extended reality is being used:-

1-Entertainment Industry:- To give audiences a realistic and captivating image, XR is being used in many science fiction (Sci-Fi) movies.

2-Sales and Marketing:- Companies can make advertisements of their brands using XR. Users can feel the products, which can help them take decision to choose the brand.

3-Education and Training:- It is a boon to this industry as students can learn by experiencing the events. Live training can also be done in remote locations. Students can choose their colleges by taking virtual tour of the campus.

4-Work from Home:- Employees and employers can hold live communications, meetings, etc., despite their remote locations.

Expert System

An Expert System is a computer program that is used to solve complex problems and make decisions like human experts. It is a part of Artificial Intelligence, which extracts knowledge from the knowledge base using reasoning and inference rules as per user query.

First Expert System was developed in 1970. The performance of an expert system is based on the expert’s knowledge stored in the knowledge base. The more knowledge is stored in the knowledge base, the more the system improves performance. For example, spelling error suggestions given while typing in the Google Search Box

Components Of An Expert System

There are three components of an Expert System

1-User Interface:- With the help of the user interface, the expert system interacts with the user.

2-Inference Engine (Rules of Engine):- It refers to the brain of the expert system. It is the main processing unit. It applies rules to knowledge base to derive conclusion.

3-Knowledge Base:- Knowledge base is a storage where different types of knowledge are stored by various experts in the same domain. The knowledge base can be factual or heuristic. Factual knowledge stores knowledge derived from facts. Heuristic knowledge stores knowledge based on practice and ability to guess.

Uses of an Expert System

Expert system shows no human emotions, like anger, sadness, happiness, fatigue, etc. If knowledge base is updated periodically, then it shows a high efficiency and expertise in dealing with a query.

There is no storage limit for this system. You can store as much information as you want. It considers all the facts before responding to any query. The system provides high security to resolve a query.

Edge Computing

In traditional client-server model, data is collected at the client side, such as a user’s computer. This data is then moved to the centralised cloud storage of the enterprise through the internet. The stored data is being processed using an enterprise application.

The results of the processed data are conveyed back to the client. This is the proven approach of the client-server model. Now, the number of devices connected to the internet is growing and the volume of data collected using those devices is increasing.

It is difficult for traditional data centre to accommodate this data. Also, it affects three factors in the network. They are-bandwidth, latency, and congestion.

1-Bandwidth:-Bandwidth of a network is defined as the amount of data that can be sent over a network during a defined time limit. It is measured in bits per second. All networks have a limited bandwidth. Though you can increase the bandwidth as the network grows, but the cost will also escalate as you do so

2-Latency:– Latency describes the delays in communication over a network. The communication takes place at the speed of light. But practically, there is delay in communication due to network congestion or a large geographical distance. This causes delay in decision-making in the real-time environment, which results in a big casualty. For example, self-driving cars require real-time information about roads and pedestrians.

3-Congestion:– The internet is a network of networks, which means, many subnetworks are connected with each other. The number of devices connected to the network is increasing. The number of data packets for transmission of data in the network is also increasing in number.

When a huge number of data packets travel through the same network medium, it causes congestion. IoT devices, which require embedded networking systems, become useless because of congestion in the network.

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