Characteristics of a Good Presentation

Over the last two decades, our lives have slowly been taken over by technology. The rapid development of technologies has considerably influenced mankind. The advent of advanced presentation graphics software has replaced the overhead projectors and transparencies of bygone days.

The conventional method of presenting information is being gradually replaced by digital presentation. It has become more colourful, comprehensive, and appealing, which has made the process of delivering information more interactive, effective, and easy to comprehend.

Presentation software is application software, which is used to create multimedia presentations in the form of slide shows.

A presentation is a collection of slides arranged in a sequential manner to convey, persuade, motivate, and entertain or to provide information. It can be projected on a big screen by attaching the computer with a multimedia projector. The maximum usage of presentations can be seen in the fields of entertainments, educations, corporate training sessions, seminars, and conferences.

Some of the most popular presentation software are:

  • LibreOffice Impress
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • OpenOffice Impress
  • Google Slides(Part of G Suite)
  • Adobe Connect

A slide can be defined as a digital or an electronic page of a presentation. A slide show is a sequential display of slides, which is shown to the audience with an objective of providing information and exchanging ideas/views on a particular topic.

Elements of Presentation

A presentation can be made more interesting and effective by including:

  • Regular Text, Lists items
  • Background and Titl
  • Graphical elements like, Clip Arts, Shapes, Diagrams, 3D objects, Table, etc.
  • Audio and videos
  • Transitions and
  • animation
  • Footer
  • Date and time
  • Slide number

Characteristics of a Good Presentation

A presentation is powerful communication tool to present the views and ideas effectively through visual aids. You should follow certain guidelines to create a good quality presentation as listed below.

Well Designed

A presentation should be carefully framed keeping in view the situation, audience, and subject. Make sure that the slides are not too complicated. If they are difficult to understand, the audience will lose the attention.

Number of Lines

You should include only a maximum 5 to 8 lines in a slide, and write in sentence fragments using keywords Also, you should keep the font size to 24 or bigger.

Use of Colours

Make sure that your presentation is attractive and appealing. You should avoid light colours or busy backgrounds. Always use dark colours, bold letters, and different fonts to highlights some points. A striking colour contrast between words, graphics, and the background can be very effective in conveying both, message and emotions. Use easy-to-read fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman.

Format for Perfection

Make sure that your text is appealing and aligned properly in slides. If you have crowded slides in your presentation then people will be busy reading text and will not be able to listen to you. So, you should not include any unnecessary information in your slide. If there is anything that you need to show in detail, then split it into separate slides or try to explain it through a chart or image.

Use High-Quality Graphics

You should include high-rise graphics. Also, avoid inserting more than two graphics on a single slide. If you include more than two graphics then it makes the slide crowded.

Animations and Videos

Use of transitions, animation, and videos serve as a change of pace thereby increasing the interest of your audience. However, you should not use more than one animation or video on a single slide, and also avoid using excessively complicated transitions. It loses credibility with your audience.

Correct use of Grammar and Language

Make sure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors in your presentation content. You must do a spell check on all the slides of your presentation before finalising it. You should also use direct and concise language.

Keep it Simple

Always try to keep your presentation simple by using charts, which are easy to understand and graphics that reflect what you are saying. The thumb rule for making a good presentation is to ensure that there are not more than five words in each line and not more than five lines in each slide.

Minimise Facts and Figures in Slides

You should avoid to include too many figures and numbers.

Edit Ruthlessly

After creating all the slides, imagine yourself as one of the listeners, and critically review your presentation. If you find something unappealing, distracting, or confusing, either modify or remove it.

Powerful First Impression

First impression is the last impression. You cannot make a first impression twice. The audience will make decisions about you from your first appearance, your words, and the intonation of your voice. Plan the opening of your presentation precisely. Use short sentences and keep minimum technical information. Grab the attention of your audience with a joke, an interesting fact, a short anecdote, a quotation, a positive statement, or a stimulating question, etc.

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